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Dower Datech provides expert and in-depth surveys to diagnose the infestation problem to determine whether the woodworm is active or not and to specify what insect it is. We treat areas of your property to get rid and purge your property of these recurring insects once and for all and provide you with a 20-year guarantee to ensure you have the peace of mind that the job has been successfully completed.

  • Providing the best anti-woodworm treatment for nearly 50 years
  • All of our employees are trained to industry standard
  • We promise to keep you up to date on the progress of your home
  • Providing organic and eco-friendly woodworm treatment
  • We promise there will be no hidden costs

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What Is Woodworm?

woodworm larvae

Woodworms are not worms, although the name would suggest otherwise. It is actually the universal name for the larva of a specific beetle species.  These larvae have some similarities to maggots but are a little bit bigger and with a curved and white coloured body. Although, they do usually stay burrowed in timber, so you will very rarely see them until they form into a fully grown beetle.

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We cover most locations in the East Midlands area and would be more than happy to come to your property to see if you have any signs for woodworm.


The ideal environment for Woodworm is colder, draft spaces like lofts, under stairwells and cupboards etc. You’ll find woodworm generally in all types of different wood from softwood to hardwood.

Small holes in wood is the most common sign you have woodworm infestation in your home. You may also find between the moths of June and July small beetles on the floor and window sills.

The higher the moisture level in the timber the greater the chance of woodworm infestation in your home. So by making sure wood is well ventilated and dry, and humidity levels are low it will help to avert woodworm developing.

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