Timber Infestation Treatment in East Midlands

Timber Infestation Specialists In The East Midlands Area

Hundreds and hundreds of buildings in England have structural and decorative tiber, and all of them can be affected by fungal decay and woodworm infestations. Dower Datech has nearly 50 years of experience in proving timber treatments and other relevant repairs. Our goal is to give you the piece of mind that our timber repairs are done to the highest quality and are bespoke to yours and your property’s needs.

  • Dower Datech can offer the best timber repair method for your property
  • We have timber repair solutions for: timber resin splices, joint ends, carrier beams, beam strengthening and wall plates
  • Our extremely experienced and qualified surveyors & technicians will ensure to preserve your properties structure and keep its aesthetic characteristic too
  • will not only preserve your properties structural integrity but also maintain its aesthetic qualities too
  • Our 20-year guarantee means you can relax knowing that the treatment will be completed successfully

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What Is A Timber Infestation?

The need for timber repairs is common in buildings that have endured issues with damp, like dry rot, wet rot or general infestations. Once these issues have affected timber it will most likely need to be replaced, or will need bolt-on steel flitch plates, or epoxy resin repairs to the existing timber.

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We cover most locations in the East Midlands area and would be more than happy to come to your property to see if you have any signs for dry rot or wet rot.


The main approach for repairing timbers that have been damaged by dry and wet rot is to determine the extent of the decay. Then cut the timbers back, treat the bare areas with fungicide and then introduce new timbers to replace the timber that was rotten. When a building is having damp problems, like dry rot, wet rot or a woodworm infestation is it crucial to ensure you call a specialist as soon as possible, so the issue doesn’t worsen.

Depending on the degree of the infestation the cost can vary. Please do not hesitate to contact us so an experienced surveyor can give you advice and a more accurate estimate.

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