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As experts in treating Penetrating Damp issues in the East Midlands area, Dower Datech provides a full damp diagnosis and a tailor-made solution just for you. Being in operation since 1972, we have seen all signs of damp in a property and understand that no two properties are the same, ensuring we can help you find the best solution for damp proofing your home.

  • We promise to provide you a reliable remedial plan to your issues within days
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  • Our personal involvement allows us to maintain an extreme level to detail

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What Is Penetrating Damp?

Any water that leaks through a wall, roof or ceiling can be referred to as penetrating damp. Differently to rising damp which travels vertically, penetrating damp travels horizontally. The most common warning signs include; damp patches on the ceilings or walls, bubbles in the paint or plaster, and in worst cases holes in the ceiling.

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We cover most locations in the East Midlands area and would be more than happy to come to your property to carry out a penetrating damp survey.


The most common root of penetrating damp is a leak, which can be caused by plumbing or a problem with the structure of the building. If symptoms are worse when it is raining then the source is likely to be holes in the roof, cracks in the wall or faulty guttering. However, penetrating damp can just simply be caused by a leak in a pipe.

Similarly to rising damp, the most efficient way to treat penetrating damp is to get in touch. If you aren’t able to work out the source of the leak, then make sure you contact us quickly to prevent the issue worsening. If you live in a flat it is also important to reach out to your neighbours and see if they have similar issues, this can generally help narrow down the source of the leak.

Penetrating damp can appear in many ways, including: damp stains on walls that are exterior, damp patches on ceilings or walls, crumbling and wet plaster, signs of spores or black mould that develop in one specific area, and puddles and drips. 

Having the heating on in the building will help avoid damp development, infrared can help to dry out walls if they have been damp in the past. Although, this will only work as long as there are no underlying issues affecting the walls at present.

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