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Wet rot and dry rot are the two most common forms of fungal decay that can be found in buildings. Although both are associated with fungal decay and affect timber, they need to be treated differently. If you are experiencing any signs and are having trouble identifying the problem or if the issue is recurring please do not hesitate to contact us so an experienced timber surveyor can give you advice on the next steps.

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What Is Wet Rot?

When the moisture within the timber or other surface reaches approximately 50%, wet rot will develop. This moisture that creates wet rot is usually caused by an external leak or water ingress caused by plumbing, stone pointing, guttering or downpipes.

What Is Dry Rot?

Differently to wet rot, dry rot can develop on a surface with around 20% moisture content. Dry rot is not able to develop in dry conditions, even though the name advocates otherwise. If your home has poor ventilation and high humidity you may be more likely to get to dry rot. An early sign of dry rot is condensation on the windows. Generally, the first point of action will be to diagnose where the moisture is coming from, it could be faulty guttering, damp within the ground that is coming up through the timbers or condensation, etc.

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We cover most locations in the East Midlands area and would be more than happy to come to your property to see if you have any signs for dry rot or wet rot.


The common signs of wet rot include, musty damp smells, cracking and flaking timber and fungal growth on the timber.

The most common symptoms of dry rot are; decaying or damaged timber, a musty damp smell in the building, and patches of orange/brown spore dust.

Dry rot can cause severe damage to your property if it is not diagnosed properly or on time. It is often found in areas that are not well ventilated and are inaccessible such as behind cupboards, within floorboards and voids.

In order to provide an accurate cost we would need to come and inspect the infected areas.

If you can’t tell the difference from the different signs, the best thing to do is call a professional and they will be able to help you identify what the issue is and what treatment you require.

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