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Practical tips on damp prevention
Window Condensation Cause & How To Get Rid Of It
What Causes Window Condensation & How To Get Rid Of It

Window condensation is a common problem, particularly in the colder months. If you’ve been waking up to find condensation between windows, pools of water around your windowsill or black mould forming on window panes, know that you’re not alone. Condensation occurs in many types of houses and knowing the causes of condensation and how to […]

The Ultimate List of Gardening & Landscaping Companies

Whether you have in mind how you’d like your garden to look and just need help making it a reality, or you need help with planning your dream garden, look no further. We’ve trawled the internet for the best gardening and landscaping companies out there. Read on for our top picks. Green Team Landscaping Green […]

Detect And Diagnose Dry Rot And Wet Rot
Wood Rot: How To Detect And Diagnose Dry Rot And Wet Rot

Wood rot is the cancer of the housing industry. It can creep in silently and throw your infrastructure into disarray. When left untreated, it can erode load-bearing frames and leave structural defects for homeowners to contend with. The consequences of untreated wood rot can be costly and cause headaches. Not least, rotting wood attracts allergens […]

Damp Proofing Costs in 2021
Damp Proofing Costs in 2021

Damp is an issue that affects many properties, contributing to potentially severe damage. However, it can be rectified with affordable solutions.

condensation removal, reducing and stopping tips
12 Top Tips to Remove, Reduce & Stop Condensation

If you’re searching for how to stop condensation in your home, you’re in the right place. Whether you live in a newly built house or a heritage building, condensation can have a significant impact on your interiors. In this guide, we’ll discuss top tips on how to remove, reduce, and stop condensation. What is condensation […]

Damp Proof Course Guide
Everything You Need to Know About a Damp Proof Course

If your home is suffering from extensive damp, a damp proof course treatment may be your best solution to ward off damp and the potential problems it causes, such as mould.So, what is a damp proof course? In this extensive guide, we’ll discuss the different types of damp proof course, as well as the advantages […]