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50 Years of History Fixing Damp Problems

Founded in 1972, Dower Datech are a family run company specialising in damp proofing and property preservation in East Midlands and the surrounding areas.

  • 50 years of trading with 3 generations of family ownership
  • Specialist advice and guarantee backed repair treatments
  • Experts in all damp related problems such as rising damp and penetrating damp
  • Experienced in timber issues like wood-worm and timber infestations
  • Fixing dry and wet rot in old houses is a speciality
  • Bespoke surveys carried out and tailored to your needs

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Since its founding, Dower Datech’s work has established a widely respected reputation that speaks for itself. Dower Datech is a family run business without the jargon or rigid formalism of a nationwide company. We believe that the damp proofing solution must be tailor-made to the issue in hand. Therefore, all the surveys we offer are bespoke and tailored to our customer’s needs rather than a fixed format.

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A Damp Proofing Company You can Trust

  • In-depth diagnosis, providing guidance on the treatment of timber decay and damp in your home or building.
  • Being established in 1972 we have issued thousands long term guarantees meaning the work we carry out or have carried out has been so with the utmost professionalism and that you are always protected.
  • Using a full range of modern and traditional techniques in order to remove any damp - identifying sources of moisture and with minimum intervention to the historic fabric to resolve the problem.

Our Trusted Damp Proofing Services


Rising Damp

Providing tailor made solutions to your rising damp problems.


Penetrating Damp

As a penetrating damp proofing expert we provide a full damp diagnosis.



Condensation control is something we have been practicing for nearly 50 years.


Dry Rot & Wet Rot

We have a reputation for providing the best rot removal, both wet and dry.


Timber Infestation

Our goal is to give you the highest quality timber repairs.


Woodworm Specialist

Providing the best anti-woodworm treatment for nearly 50 years.


Insulation Installation

We provide custom insulation services with high-quality products and the latest techniques.


PIV Units Installation

We use only state-of-the-art PIV systems to ensure maximum quality and energy efficiency.


Heritage Preservation

All of our work on old buildings comes with a 20-year guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind.

Our Locations

We cover most locations in the East Midlands area and would be more than happy to come to your property to carry out a damp proofing survey.


Damp is caused by excess moisture that can’t escape. Rising damp in basements or ground floors, leaking pipes or rain dripping through broken frames or slates in roofs can cause this moisture in buildings. Damp can occur in all types of homes, whether new or old and can be categorised into penetrating damp or rising damp, depending on the cause.

Damp proof paint will work if it is used correctly. It is a stronger and more resistant paint and is used in homes or properties that have excess moisture in them. Although, If damp already exists in your home then damp proof paint will just mask it.  It is only made to resist surface moisture, it won’t stop the damp developing in your home. It is also important to note that it has to be applied properly in order to work.

There are various key ways you can prevent damp in your home or property. Firstly, by keeping on top of outdoor maintenance, this involves checking the roof regularly for any damage, keeping gutters clear and generally checking the exterior of the property to ensure there is no crumbling or visible damage. Keeping your home well ventilated and warm will also help to prevent damp developing within your home.

Depending on the size of the building, it can take between 1 – 4 days to damp-proof an entire home.  A smaller home will usually take around 1 -2 days. Whereas a larger home around 3 bedrooms semi-detached house for example, will take up to 4 days. Get a quote today and get more exact time frames for your home.

The cost of getting a wall damp proofed completely depends on the size of the wall. Get a tailored quote today and find out how much it would cost for you.

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